Signs It Is Time To Call An Irvine Heating Repair Service

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

While heating systems and components in Irvine do not get the yearly use that systems in the northern part of the country experience, they are essential to keep the home comfortable on chilly winter days and evenings.

As heating systems only get limited use, it is important to have annual maintenance on the system before the risk of chilly weather sets in. The maintenance plans offered at Home Comfort USA include a trained, experienced HVAC technician completing a visual inspection of the heating unit as well as replacing or repairing any parts that are worn or potentially at risk for failure.

Most furnaces and heating systems will last more than 15 years in the Irvine area, and with only limited use per year, they can easily last 20 years or longer. There are typically signs to watch for as the heating system gets older. These changes are clear signals you should call in a heating repair service as soon as possible to avoid having to go without heat.

Poor Heating Ability

When the heating system takes much longer than usual to take the chill out of the home, or if the system is blowing only warm air, it is time to call in a heating repair service. Another sign to watch for is the development of hot and cold spots in the home, or some rooms that warm up and others that seem to stay several degrees cooler.

Longer On Cycles

An effectively functioning heating system cycles on and off, and once the home is heated to the set temperature, there should be a limited time that the heating unit is running.

Call your heating repair service if the motor seems to be on and running for long periods or if the unit is constantly cycling on and off.

If you are looking for a dependable, professional and highly experienced heating repair service in Irvine, look no further than Home Comfort USA. To find out more, see us at

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