Reasons to Move into the TAMU Student Apartments in College Station

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Student Housing Center

Even as summer begins, your thoughts might turn to where you are going to live when you return to school this coming fall. You might consider yourself to be at an age where you want more independence. You also want to live away from the incoming freshmen who are just embarking on their college careers.

Your solution can involve moving off of campus and into a place of your own. You may find the accommodations you want when you select one of the TAMU student apartments to live in this coming school year.

Close Enough to Campus

Despite wanting to live in your own place, you want to avoid becoming too detached from campus. You want to be close enough to classes that you can get there in a matter of minutes. You may even prefer to walk or bike to class rather than drive your car.

You also can appreciate being close to campus for game days and student activities. You do not have to forgo the entire student experience just to live in your own apartment this year.

Living in your own place also gives you a chance to learn how to live as an independent and successful adult. You can build a rental history to use for renting or buying housing later.

Find out more about the TAMU student apartments online. Reach out to  Redpoint College Station by going to for more information.

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