Retaining a Skilled Attorney to Protect You From Personal Injury Claims

by | Aug 16, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

As a property owner, you are responsible for the safety of people who come onto your property. If people come onto your property and get hurt, they can have a legal claim against you if they get hurt, even if they come on to your property uninvited.

Because of the variety of liability factors that can exist, you’ll want an expert to protect you against a possible injury claim by a trespasser. Miami property owners like you can hire a personal injury protection attorney to launch a solid defense and show why you should not be held responsible for someone’s accident on your property.

Proving Trespassing
You could be held liable to some extent if a trespasser gets hurt while on your plot of land or in your home or business. Still, the victim of the accident holds some liability because this person came onto the property without being invited.

When you have on retainer on a personal injury protection attorney in Miami, clients like you can prove that the person showed up uninvited and thus took the risk that led to this person’s accident. Your lawyer can show that you are not responsible for what caused the accident and should not be held liable for the person’s medical costs or suffering.

Demonstrating Caution
Your lawyer can also show that you took every precaution necessary to keep people safe. If you installed security cameras, lights and fencing, you did everything in your power to keep trespassers out and provide a safe walkway for people invited into the place.

Providing evidence of these precautions could show the judge that you took every care to prevent accidents. You could be liable for a lesser amount or perhaps no amount of punitive or financial damages for the victim.


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