Retaining Legal Counsel for Custody Rights

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Divorces are often contentious even under the best of circumstances. Parents often face off in court to battle each other over matters like the division of marital assets and the restoration of one or both people’s former names.

However, the most contentious of legal matters often resolved in court involves who will get custody of the children. By hiring a child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL, parents like you can gain a meaningful and assertive voice in court to present your side of the case before the judge.

When it comes to hiring a skilled child custody attorney in Hollywood, FL, clients like you may want to retain the services of one who has represented clients like you in the past. You do not want your case to be banked on the skills of someone who is newly graduated from law school. You want one who has years of experience arguing in the local court system.

Your experienced attorney can evaluate your particular situation and decide what kind of custody to argue for in court. For example, if you work an overnight job and are not at home a lot for the kids, your attorney may decide it is best for you to ask for joint custody with visitations on the weekend.

However, if you work during the days when the kids are at school and can be home with them during the nights and on the weekends, you might have a better case for primary custody. Your lawyer can present evidence to support your claim of being the most stable and reliable parent for the minor children right now.

If you do win primary custody, you may be entitled to child support from the other parent. Your lawyer can ask the court to award you a fair amount of support with which to raise the children each month.

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