Questions To Ask When Looking For Glass Repair In Chicago

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Business

Broken glass is a huge inconvenience, especially when the damage occurs in a frequently used part of your home or business. Damaged glass in a bathroom or lobby can be disruptive to your day to day life, and in some cases, can even bring your business to a stop. Finding a reputable repair company, that can assess the damage, provide a quote and complete repairs in a reasonable timeframe is crucial in these circumstances. Here are a few questions to ask when looking for glass repair in Chicago, to ensure you have found a reputable company.

Question #1: What Does The Quote Include?

In most cases, a glass repair company will come to your home or office to assess the damage in person. Being able to physically see the nature and extent of damage allows the company to provide a more accurate quote. As a homeowner, understanding the quote and the services included is important. If you are unclear, ask a customer service agent or your sales representative.

Question #2: Are Your Workers Insured?

Another important question to ask relates to licensing and insurance. Always check and be sure that the repair company you want to hire is licensed to operate in the state of Illinois. You should ask about the type of insurance the company carries. At a bare minimum, you will want to know that the employees working at your home or business are covered by the company’s liability insurance.

Question #3: What Is The Anticipated Timeline?

Asking about the timeline can help you as a homeowner or business owner develop a way to work around the damage for the time being. Ask the company about their anticipated timeline early on in the hiring process. If your family or staff requires any accommodations, talk to the company about ways the repair can be done without impacting or inconvenience.

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