Significant Signs That You May Need Radiator Repair in Arizona

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Automotive

The engine in your vehicle works at extremely high temperatures and needs help from the radiator to keep from overheating. Since the radiator pumps a cooling liquid through it, your engine can operate safely. If a leak occurs with your radiator or cooling system, your car is at risk of becoming too hot and incurring serious engine damage.

There are times that some type of damage has already occurred in your vehicle. It may not have caused much trouble yet, but you want to act quickly before something severe happens. If you notice any of the below signs, you should visit a nearby mechanic right away.

Discolored Stains

If there are discolored stains present when you open the hood of your car, there could be a leak. Seeing these unusual spots suggests that coolant has splashed out from the radiator and boiled away by the tremendous engine heat. Burned or strangely tinted blemishes are leftover after the fluid evaporates and indicate that you need radiator repair in Sun City West, AZ.

Leaking Coolant

When you notice a pool of green fluid wherever you park your car each day, you probably have a coolant leak. Without the proper amount of coolant, the engine parts would overheat and fail. Also, there would be a deterioration of the complementary elements. You will have a lot of money to spend if you allow a great deal of ruin to occur. That is why you should get radiator repair in Sun City West, AZ, right away.

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