Signs of the Need for Residential Furnace Repair in Palatine

by | Jun 17, 2022 | Air Conditioning & Heating

While the signs of an imminent furnace failure are unmistakable, they are also largely preventable. By working with the right company, homeowners can fix their heating units before they fail. Here are a few of the most common signs of the need for heating system service.

Foul Odors

If you’re turning the furnace on for the first time this season, it may emit a burning smell, which will likely go away. When it doesn’t, there may be a problem. Gas leaks are another big issue that should be inspected and evaluated by a furnace company in Palatine.

A Unit That Won’t Turn On

After a few years, furnaces tend to work more slowly—but they should work. If it becomes necessary to turn a unit off and on, further service may be needed. A damaged thermostat or inadequate wiring is the cause of many of these issues, and a trained technician can help get to the bottom of them.

Inconsistent Heating

If the furnace isn’t doing its job, something is wrong. While improper thermostat settings are to blame in some cases, leaky ductwork and system problems could also be an issue. Call today to schedule service from a furnace company in Palatine.

Seek Professional Advice from a Local Company

While it’s easy to ignore the warning signs, it’s not recommended. With regular maintenance, most furnace problems can be prevented. To know more, please visit Five Star Heating & Air, Inc now.

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