Senior Care

Signs That it Might be Time to Contact a Home Care Agency in Monterey

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When family members get older, you might need to make decisions about their care that can be difficult. If you don’t want them to go to a nursing facility, then consider hiring someone to help in the home. Here are a few signs that it might be time to have that conversation with your loved one and a home care agency.

Feeling Alone

Working during the day and caring for your family can often take time away from elderly members of your family. You might notice that they don’t talk to people as much as they used to or don’t want to leave the home to attend events that they once did. This is often a sign of loneliness. A benefit of senior home care in Monterey, CA, is that someone will be in the home with the person during the day and sometimes at night if care is needed.

Moving Around

If you notice that your family member has difficulty moving around, then it might be time to call a home care agency. Someone can help with getting around with a walker or other devices in a safe manner. The provider can also assist with getting up and down from chairs and the bed and can help with going to the grocery store or other places.

Personal Care

Someone from senior home care in Monterey, CA, can help with bathing, getting dressed during the day, and preparing meals. These are often tasks that older individuals want to maintain as long as possible so that they feel independent.

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