Signs You Need HVAC Repair For Your Everett Commercial Property

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

In a commercial building, failure of the HVAC system can be not just inconvenient but extremely costly, particularly in processing types of companies where refrigeration and temperature control is a critical part of the process. In Everett, companies relying on their HVAC systems for production, as well as those requiring HVAC for the comfort of tenants and occupants, need to recognize the early signs there is a need for HVAC repair services.

A simple way to prevent many types of HVAC repair needs is to use an industrial HVAC service that offers maintenance programs. Companies like MacDonald-Miller can schedule routine inspections of the HVAC system by their experienced technicians. These inspections ensure the system is running correctly and any worn parts or components are changed proactively before there is downtime due to system failure. Lubrication, cleaning, and checking of all systems during these routine maintenance visits also help to extend the life of the system.

Strange Noises During Startup and Operation

Any unusual or atypical noises from the HVAC system during startup or while running should be a concern. This can include grinding noises, squealing, rattling or even sounds like something is banging inside the system.

There are not normal sounds of an aging HVAC system. Calling in an HVAC repair service immediately, can identify the damaged part or component and help to reduce the cost of repair.

Unusual Odors

Commercial HVAC systems should operate quietly as well as without any types of odors. Any smells that seem to come from the vents including burnt smells, chemical smells or moldy odors are a sign of a problem somewhere in the system.

As building air quality is a concern for any property owner, calling in a commercial HVAC service to find out the cause of the problem is a priority.

Unusual cycling on and off of the system or lack of heat or cooling capacity are also key signs of a system problem. By scheduling repairs at an opportune time, Everett building owners and managers can limit any inconvenience to tenants and operations.

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