The Importance of Seeing a Trusted Chiropodist Near Me in Ballincollig

by | Oct 18, 2022 | Health

When you experience frequent foot pain, you might be eager to get relief from it. However, you may not know exactly what is causing the pain or the best way to treat it.

Your primary care doctor likewise may be unable to help you. Instead, you may need to make an appointment with a specialist like a chiropodist near me. You can also get information like what is the difference between chiropody and podiatry during this visit.

Treating Chronic Pain

When you see this type of provider, you may get treatment for chronic pain in your feet. A podiatrist can treat an acute injury like an ingrown toenail or a bunion on your toe. However, this provider may be unable to provide effective treatment for a chronic condition, such as arthritis, that can cause immense pain in your feet.

However, the chiropodist may provide effective relief in the form of manual manipulation, decompression therapy or massage. You may find it easier to walk, wear shoes and get through a typical day with this form of treatment.

You can also continue the care to ensure the pain does not come back. You may keep your arthritis at bay and find walking on and using your feet to be less painful.

You can find out more about what is the difference between chiropody and podiatry online. Schedule an appointment with a chiropodist near me by contacting Achilles Foot Clinic at

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