The Importance of Waterside Gaskets for Boilers to Work Efficiently

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Industrial Equipment

Unlike a water heater that simply heats water, a boiler transmits heat through the build-up of steam. Boilers become inefficient as a result of aging sealers, pipe damage, leaks, and mineral deposit buildup. Too much water pressure can burst the pipes, and mineral buildup can affect the transfer of heat. Read on to see the importance of waterside gasket kits to an efficiently working boiler.

Prevents Leaks

Gaskets work as sealers around pipes and pipe joints to prevent gas and water leaks. Over time, pipes can break down because of excessive water pressure and internal corrosion due to age.

Fuel Efficient

Build-up from mineral deposits and lime scales from hard water running through the pipes occurs over time. Layers of mineral deposits inhibit the transfer of heat, which forces the boiler to work harder, raising the overall cost of heating.

Cost Efficient

Leaks are costly. They damage the pipes, which shuts down the boiler while the pipes are being replaced. All of this costs money and time that could be avoided with annual maintenance and regular replacement of parts. Lower cost “will fit” waterside gasket kits save money and work as well as, or better than, the products made by the manufacturer.

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