The Primary Benefits of Undergoing Laser Cosmetic Medical Spa Procedures

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Skin Care Clinic

A variety of factors beyond your control can take a negative toll on your skin. Aging combined with sun exposure or exposure to toxins like smoke and pollution can make your skin look older, drier and dotted with blemishes like freckles and spots.

When you want to freshen your skin and make it look and feel younger, you need to look beyond the creams and lotions sold at your local grocery store or pharmacy. By undergoing a procedure that uses Pico laser in San Gabriel, CA, patients can benefit in a number of unique ways.

Pain-Free Improvements

When it comes to the benefits of using a Pico laser in San Gabriel, CA, cosmetic doctors will generally tell you that the procedure is relatively pain-free. In fact, it does not involve the use of needles or scalpels. Your skin may not even bleed or swell during or after the treatment.

You also do not have to be put to sleep or even sedated prior to the start of the procedure. You will, however, be given eye protection to wear during the treatment so that the laser cannot harm your eyes.

When you want to avoid the pain of surgery, you can opt for laser treatments. They can achieve the same if not better results than invasive operations.

Short Recovery Periods

Laser treatments also come with minimal recovery periods. You typically do not have to take special precautions other than wearing sunscreen or a sun hat when you go out in public. You do not have to take time off from work or school as you would if you were to undergo extensive and invasive cosmetic surgery.


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