Understanding the Different Styles of Gymnastics Leotards for Children

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Clothing

Whether you are a parent or coach of a gymnastics team, chances are that finding the right leotards for your child or team is challenging. After all, you need to consider comfort, fit and occasion when you are comparing options, especially when it comes to children. Read on to discover the most popular styles and fabrics used in children’s leotards to make the best choice possible.

Basic Camisole Leotard

The simplest kids gymnastics leotards are often the most comfortable and versatile. Basic camisole styled leotards are ideal for everyday wear such as practicing at home or in a team setting. They are also gender-neutral and flexible. You can easily dress a camisole style up or down and layer as needed based on the weather. Camisole leotards come in cotton, nylon and spandex blends as well as a variety of finishes.

Racerback Cut Leotard

The racerback kids’ gymnastics leotard style is another popular option that offers slightly more coverage than camisole cuts. Racerback leotards are ideal for both boys and girls and can be dressed up or down for competitions. Racerback styles include a variety of finishes such as high sheen, sequins, and even embroidery.

Short and Long-Sleeved Leotards

Leotards with short and long sleeves are ideal for competitions but can also be useful for practice in colder climates. Sleeved leotards offer the most body coverage as well. This can leave children feeling slightly restricted in their movement, but this factor can be combated by choosing a high stretch material such as spandex and nylon.

Leotards come in a variety of different styles and materials, so it is no wonder why choosing the best option for your child or gymnastics team can feel overwhelming. With the right know-how, you can buy with confidence that you made the best choice possible.

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