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The Queen Has Arrived: Cannabis Accessories with Ladies in Mind

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Tired at staring at the same old, fuzzy bears or funky-looking mushrooms when you are just trying to unwind and pack a bowl? The cannabis industry is overwhelmingly a man’s world, and it shows in a lot of their products and accessories. The colors are in-your-face bold and an endless sea of reds, yellows, and greens – but what if you aren’t looking for a loud and proud smoke session? Maybe you partake in cannabis to help you relax or it could be your medication. You are looking for a more feminine weed tray that is free-spirited and light to match your vibe.

Cannabis Queen RX
is one such place that you can find accessories and ones that were created through an artist’s own healing journey with cannabis. The designs, created by an independent artist, are enveloped with a personal touch, and decorate each item. The artist will even sign some of them, such as her feminine weed tray. They transport you into a magical world that looks soft as a cloud – perfect for your own ascent to a “higher” place.

No longer do you have to scour the internet avoiding the bombardment of zombies and pot leaves plastered across every rolling tray and accessory you see. The Cannabis Queen has other accessories like adult cannabis coloring books, too, to help you decompress and get lost in the process. And if you want to wear it out and show the rest of your circle how cannabis culture could look, there are even buffs to mask you up.

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