The Value Of Owning A Junk Removal Franchise

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Waste Management

There is an ever-increasing market for services to assist families, landlords, property owners and companies with a focus on flipping homes. One of the most daunting tasks for all of these groups is cleaning out a home of unwanted items.

The Demand

For family members of elderly people moving to assisted living facilities, for landlords dealing with tenants leaving without removing all items and for those buying homes with the contents left in place, finding someone to remove the junk is often a very real challenge.

In many cases, junk removal in Toms River is required before it is possible to assess if an estate sale is worth the effort, or if there is a possibility of family member wanting specific items from the home.

To address this need in any community, buying into a junk removal franchise is a terrific business opportunity. This is a low-overhead type of business and, with the franchise marketing, advertising and brand name recognition already in place and part of the service offered to the franchisee, a great investment opportunity.

Options to Consider

There are several services which are natural extension or addition to a junk removal franchise. Top franchise opportunities will include support for storage solutions, moving and tag or estate sale support in addition to clean outs.

These revenue streams allow the franchise to expand their services while also providing a more comprehensive level of support for the community. Word of mouth advertising and the ability to offer four different services with one franchise is a significant value other many franchise options with only one revenue stream and one target market.

People with an interest in starting a business who want to avoid retail or restaurant options should look into a junk removal franchise as a simple, fast-growing and lucrative income opportunity. Licensed for 10 years, Take It Away Today is a full-service junk removal company servicing the 13 county region of Central and North Jersey.

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