Three Effective Hammertoe Treatment Options to Consider in Joliet, IL

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Health

Do you have a painful toe that bends downward? You might have a hammertoe. One of the most common conditions that affects the feet, hammertoes are caused by wearing ill-fitted shoes, bunions, arthritis, or genetic predisposition. If you’re suffering from a hammertoe in Joliet, here are three treatment options to consider.


Certain exercises can help with mild cases of hammertoe. Toe crunches, toe taps, and manual stretches are a few of the moves that can help relieve your hammertoe pain. You can perform these simple exercises while watching television or sitting at your desk.


Orthotics are an effective and non-invasive treatment for hammertoes. Gel pads or generic orthotics from a drugstore may work for mild cases, but severe hammertoes require custom orthotics. See a podiatrist to get fitted for shoe inserts that are specifically designed to keep your toes in the proper position and prevent your hammertoe from getting worse.


While there are many non-invasive treatments available for hammertoe in Joliet, surgery is often the best option for severe cases. The most common surgical treatment for hammertoes is proximal interphalangeal joint fusion, which straightens and stabilizes the toe by fusing two bones together permanently.

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