Three Methods of Seed Treatment You Need to Know in Vernon County, WI

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Did you know that seeds need to be treated with antimicrobials before planting? Even the highest-quality seeds can suffer from a disease, so the seed treatment process is important for better germination and higher yield. There are many ways to treat seeds with either chemical or natural biological products.

Here are three common methods of seed treatment in Vernon County, WI.

Seed Coating

One of the most technologically advanced methods of treatment, seed coating is most commonly used in large industrial operations. However, you can send your seeds to a facility for coating or purchase pre-coated seeds.

Seed Dressing

Dressing is the most common method of seed treatment in Vernon County WI. Used by both farms and industries, seed dressing involves spreading seeds in a thin layer on a polyethylene sheet. The seeds are then sprinkled with either a dry or wet formulation and mixed mechanically.

Seed Pelleting

If you’re searching for a more natural way to treat your seeds, pelleting may be the solution for you. This technologically advanced process changes the shape and size of seeds to enhance hardiness and palatability instead of applying chemicals or other substances. Seed pelleting is also one of the most expensive treatment methods.

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