Three Reasons to Have an Eyelid Lift Procedure Done This Year

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Exposure to sunlight and general aging may cause your eyelids to droop. The drooping of eyelids can also occur as a result of a benign facial paralysis or neurological or muscular disorder. Consider these three reasons why you may want to schedule an eyelid lift. This procedure is also called Eyelid Surgery in Chicago.

Look Younger
The most common reason why a person would want an eyelid lift is to look younger. The skin around the eyes gets stretched a lot. Every time you squint in the sunlight or try to read without your glasses, this puts stress on that area of your face. A lift eliminates some of the wrinkles around your eyes, making you look more like the age that you feel.

Feel More Confident
Sagging eyelids may make you feel less attractive. You might be self-conscious about how you look, especially when you are tired and have dark circles under your eyes from a lack of sleep. A lift of your upper or lower eyelids could give a boost to your self-confidence. You may be excited to have your photo taken at special events.

Improve Eyesight
If you have a medical condition that causes extreme sagging of your eyelids, your vision could be affected. The blepharoplasty could improve your vision by getting the extra skin out of your line of sight. The removal of the extra skin will make it easier for your facial and eye muscles to control your eye movement. In some cases, medical insurance will cover blepharoplasty if it is related to a medical disorder and is impacting your ability to see.

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