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Three signs That You Might Have Frozen Shoulder in Jacksonville, FL

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Frozen shoulder is a painful condition that can affect your life drastically. The following are three signs that you might have a frozen shoulder:

Sudden Pain in the Shoulder Without Occurrence

Frozen shoulder usually happens without a memorable injury. A burst of pain suddenly appears and feels like an injury but is without a causeable occurrence. If you’ve experienced this, then the chances are high that you’re suffering from a frozen shoulder.

Restricted Movement

Frozen shoulder also causes the sufferer to experience restricted movement after the initial pain burst. You might find that you cannot lift your arm any further than a 45-degree angle. You may or may not have pain when you try to reach, but the task is almost impossible.

Intermittent Pain

You may have intermittent pain when you wake up from sleeping, or you might have pain during random periods throughout the day.

All of the above-mentioned symptoms may indicate that you have a frozen shoulder. However, you will need a careful diagnosis from a specialist to receive a definitive answer. You can contact a Coastal spine and pain facility to start getting care for your issue. Coastal spine and pain specialists will ask you a series of questions pertaining to your condition. They will also run some tests on you to narrow it down to see if it is frozen shoulder. After you receive a diagnosis, you can begin to receive the care you need and deserve.

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