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Three Steps to Prepare for Your Full House Renovation in Lafayette

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When you undertake a full house renovation in Lafayette, there’s a great deal of preparation that goes into the project. Before your contractor shows up on the site, you’ll have to ensure they can start working right away. While there are many details to consider, the following are the first three steps in helping you get your home ready for the project.

Use Up Resources

You should plan the renovation for several weeks in advance to allow you time to arrange to finance and settle the details with your contractor. Additionally, you should use this time to use up the food and supplies you have in your home. This includes using up as many nonperishable foods as possible to reduce what you’ll have to move out of the home.

Move Everything Out

You should also rent an off-site self-storage unit that’s large enough to contain all of your furnishings and belongings. In relocating everything into the storage unit, put furnishings and seasonal equipment in the back of the unit. Boxed items should go towards the front, and each box should be labeled with a detailed inventory.

Document Fixed Structures

Once your home has been cleared out in anticipation of your full house renovation in Lafayette, you should document anything that remains. Take pictures of each room and specific items in addition to creating a list with estimated values of each item. This will help you if you must file a claim for damaged items after the renovation is complete.

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