Three Things That Affect Your Choice in Albion Casters via MI Suppliers

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Industrial Equipment

When you are looking to buy Albion casters from Michigan suppliers, there are three things that will affect your purchase choice. These three things will determine whether or not you purchase Albion casters from Michigan suppliers, or you buy a different brand of caster from the same or different supplier. More than just the overall cost will dictate how you proceed.

Weight the Casters Need to Support

Casters are engineered to support certain amounts of weight. You would not put a caster that can only support twenty pounds on a refuse receptacle that often contains three hundred pounds of garbage! Albion does offer casters ranging from lighter weight support to heavy-duty weight support.

Straight-Rolling vs. Swivel

Do you want the object on casters to move just one direction, or do you want it to swivel around and move in all directions? This is another option that can affect your purchase choice, although this particular brand does have both types of casters in its inventory. The angled neck of the swivel casters aid them in their swivel movement, while the straight neck of the straight-rolling casters prevents them from moving any other way except forward and back.


Sometimes casters are not available because they are out of stock. Other times the casters you most want from a Michigan supplier are discontinued and therefore difficult to find. Be sure to ask a supplier why you can’t get the casters you want at the moment. The representatives of Casters and Equipment Co. can help you via

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