Time to Bring the Boats out of the Water for the Season in South Carolina

by | Sep 21, 2023 | Uncategorized

As the temperatures drop and the winter weather starts heading into South Carolina, boats come out of the water. If you have a boat, you need to start looking for a place to store it. There’s some available space at Lake Hartwell boat storage, if you need it. You have a couple of different options for Lake Hartwell boat storage, too.


Parking the boat outside inside a chain-link fence area is one option. There’s a lot of grassy space up for grabs. Bring in your boat on its trailer, find a spot to park it, and then set up payment for the months you intend to keep the boat parked there. The only requirement is that the boat remain out of the way of other boats and not park perpendicular to to the rest of the boats.


If you don’t have adequate coverage with a tarp or boat cover, you might want to store your boat inside. Inside space is limited and quickly disappears this time of year. It is recommended that if you want a boat garage space, you take the space sooner rather than later. As soon as it’s cold enough for a winter jacket in the mornings, these indoor spaces are gone.

Indoor spaces come in two sizes. You should know how long your boat and trailer are before taking an indoor space. The space should be big enough to fit both the trailer and boat comfortably. Contact Gold Corner Storage for availability.

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