Tips For Winning Architecture Design Competitions

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Construction & Contractors

Students or professional architects at any level in their careers can enter different architecture design competitions throughout the year. These competitions are typically open to anyone around the world, which provides exceptional exposure to other professionals outside of your local area.

While not everyone can win, entering architecture design competitions and taking the prize is always the goal. There are several strategies and tips to use when choosing competitions and reducing the common errors that may rob you of a winning entry.

Review the Requirements

To create a design that fulfills the requirements of the specific competition, be sure to review all of the information. It is very easy to overlook the specifics and get caught up in creating your vision of the design.

The specific information for any architecture design competitions should be reviewed by all members of the team. Having everyone read the original information rather than creating a summary eliminates the possibility of missing out on vital elements.

Focus on Creativity and Practical Aspects

While creativity is essential in any type of architecture competition, there is typically a practical or functional consideration as well. When reviewing the concepts developed for the entry, verify all of the basic functionality or practical requirements are met or exceeded as part of the final project.

Finally, it will be essential to provide the final project in an eye-catching presentation. Take the time to showcase the entry and highlight the elements effectively.

For more information on architecture design competitions for students and professionals, visit UNI. Details on all open competitions can be found at

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