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Top 3 Reasons Why the Lifeline Program is So Important

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The lifeline program was started in the mid-1980s during the Reagan administration. This program was designed to help low-income families gain access to the basic necessities of communication. In 2005, under George W. Bush, the program was updated and expanded to include cellphones.

In recent years, the program has been updated even more, allowing for internet access and smartphones to be provided to households in need. But why? Why are these programs so important?

Here are three of the biggest reasons the Maryland lifeline program – and programs like it around the country – are so vital to our communities:

It Prevents Many Tragedies

Death, illness, serious injury, and more – all of these things can be prevented or have their impact lessened when people can promptly contact medical providers. Whether it is a patient who needs a refill of important medication or a person calling for an ambulance in an emergency situation, having access to a working phone can prevent many serious situations from becoming even direr.

It Allows Better Access to Education and Employment

Having a phone enables people to get more and better job opportunities. It also allows people who are currently enrolled in school or who want to take classes to do so without missing ab eat. Whether you need to communicate with your or your child’s school, need to apply for a job or check on the status of an application, or need to telework during remote work and learning orders, having a phone will help you make it happen.

It Keeps People in Touch with Loved Ones and the World

While it might not seem as important as other benefits, keeping people in touch with their loved ones is also a vital facet of these programs. This prevents feelings of social isolation and lessens stress. It also allows people to stay more informed about what is happening in the world around them, even if they do not have access to other common avenues of news coverage.

All of these benefits, taken together, help to improve the lives of families who are struggling financially and in other ways. For more information, visit the website of your local lifeline program provider today!

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