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Top Reasons Why Off-Campus Living is Better than Dorms in Harrisonburg, VA

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When the time comes to move away to college, you’ll have a big decision to make, and that decision is where you are going to live. Will you be living in a college dormitory, or will you rent an apartment in a student complex? While both have advantages and disadvantages, there are many more benefits to living in student apartments in Harrisonburg VA.

Better Food

Not only is the meal plans that the school offers much more expensive than buying your own, but if you eat on campus you are stuck with cafeteria food. Compare that with being able to buy and cook your own food in the exact manner that you want, and the choice is clear. There is also the matter of not having to worry about food allergies when you prepare your own meals.

More Responsibility

While it is true that you have much more responsibility when you live in your own apartment, this is actually a good thing. You will learn how to pay your own bills, how to cook and clean, and basically how to function as an adult in an adult world. This will put you far ahead of fellow students who allow themselves to be coddled by the university in their living arrangements.


This very well could be the biggest benefit to living in student apartments in Harrisonburg, VA. Instead of having to work around the schedule of your dormitory roommate, you can live by your own rules and your keep your own time. If you need to go to bed early, you can. If you want to lounge and watch a movie, you can do that as well.

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