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Top Tips for Taking Care of an Air Conditioner in Palatine, IL

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The best thing one can do for their air conditioner in Palatine is to maintain it. Regular maintenance improves performance, reduces the instances of repairs, and extends its lifespan. Here are some tips for maintaining one’s AC unit.

Commit to Frequent Filter Changes

Changing the AC unit’s filter is the easiest thing anyone can do to ensure its longevity and superior performance. Yet, people forget to do this simple maintenance step. Why? Probably because the AC unit is often out of sight and out of mind. The best way to overcome forgetfulness is to set a reminder or an alarm on one’s phone to change the filter once a month.

Give the AC a Break

Help the AC do its job better by giving it a break once in a while. Do this by closing blinds and shades in overly sunny rooms or turning down the thermostat’s temperature a degree or two. Investing in a smart thermostat is a great option too!

Schedule Seasonal Tune-Ups

Nothing beats a professional tune-up! Hiring a licensed HVAC specialist to inspect the air conditioning unit before the cooling season starts ensures uninterrupted performance and gives people peace of mind. During the service call, the technician checks for damaged parts makes minor repairs, cleans the unit, and recalibrates it for the smoothest performance.

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