Understanding The Legal Myths Around A Medical Card

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Patients in Jacksonville, FL, with a medical marijuana card are required to understand the laws around the use of the medical card and medical marijuana throughout the state. Unfortunately, many myths exist about the medical marijuana card that can create problems for patients.

An MMJ card does not mean you can use medical marijuana at work

Some people mistakenly believe that having a medical card means you can use medical marijuana at work without worrying about drug tests. In workplaces with drug testing policies or where the use of drugs is against policy, the medical card does not provide the employee any exclusion from these policies.

Patients with an MMJ card can be terminated for testing positive for THC or for using medical marijuana on or off the job if the employer includes these in their workplace policy.

Driving under the influence of medical marijuana is not illegal

Even if they have a medical card, if patients are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they can be charged with a DUI. This does not just apply to medical marijuana, and any prescription medication that creates an impairment can result in a DUI in Jacksonville, FL, if you are behind the wheel.

The MMJ card allows you to transport medical marijuana across state lines

Crossing the border from Florida to any other state is illegal, even if they have medical marijuana laws. You may face federal charges for drug trafficking or drug possession if you are stopped.

If you have any questions about legal issues around your MMJ card, talk to the medical marijuana doctor, check the Florida state website, or talk to an attorney specializing in this area.

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