Understanding the Process of How Bail Bonds in Arizona Work

by | Mar 23, 2021 | Legal

If someone you know is arrested and taken to jail, you might want to do everything possible to help that person get out. Keep in mind that the type of crime and the person’s criminal background usually plays a role in whether or not release is possible. Here are some details to keep in mind about bail bonds as a possible option.

The Definition

First, you need to understand what quick bail bonds in Glendale are and how they are handled. The agency that you work with will offer the amount of money to the court that is needed to release an inmate. If the person doesn’t go to court on the specified date after being released, then the bond agent or the person who paid the money to the agent could be held responsible.

Who is Eligible?

Most people who are arrested are offered a bond. For some people, the amount needed could be higher than others because of the crime or the person’s arrest record. Those charged with murder, rape, or arson typically aren’t given a bond due to the nature of the crime.


You want to contact an agent who offers quick bail bonds in Glendale as soon as possible after hearing of someone’s arrest. The agent will usually contact the facility to find out details about the person’s charges and the bond amount. You’ll then pay a percentage of that amount to the agent so that the agent can sign the documents to have the person released from jail.

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