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With a simple change to the windows in your home, you can make it very appealing to people as they drive by. They will take notice of your structural upgrade and be very impressed with it. From the inside of the home, these new windows can bring rooms to life and help you to create the atmosphere you desire for each room. You don’t have to settle for boring windows when there are spectacular options available.

Styles to Consider

Avoid boring replacement windows when you can select from a variety of styles. You may not be aware there are round windows available. They are certainly different from the typical square or rectangle designs we usually see. Arched windows can be wonderful for a two or three story home. They can bring the front of the home to life and give it a classic but elegant appearance.

Bow windows offer something very interesting, and these replacement windows look amazing in the dining room or the living room. As the name implies, they have a rounded bow look to them. The rounded part extends outside of the room they are mounted in. This can give the room a new depth and dimensional layout. These windows can make small rooms appear to be larger.

A garden window can be perfect for your kitchen area. They extend outward and offer shelving. You can use these windows to place your plants. If you would like to grow your own herbs, this is the ideal set up for them to get the amount of sunlight they need.


You may be looking for versatility with the replacement windows you buy. If you will be opening and closing them often, look for those that are flexible for you to work with. Awning windows can be closed, opened at various angles, or completely open. It depends on the amount of air and sunlight you would like to have at any given point in time.

Casement windows have a side-by-side setup. Rather than opening them from the bottom, you open them in the middle. Both sides will open outward to bring in a gentle breeze and to offer a very nice appearance.

Professional Assessment

Take a look at the many choices you have for upgrading your windows. Once you do so, you can decide on those you like the most. Have a professional come to your home to complete an assessment with you. Tell them about the types of windows you would like in different areas. They can let you know if that option is a good match. If it isn’t, they can explain why and give you some other options to consider. For more information contact Northwest Exteriors at 916-851-1632. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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