Insurance Services


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People who work full-time for your company expect to receive benefits in return. Along with earning reasonable salaries, they want access to extras like health insurance and retirement savings accounts to which they can contribute each pay period.

Rather than underwrite these amenities yourself, you can spare your company’s cash flow by contracting with a third-party insurance agency. This contractor can create and fund your Employee Benefits Policy in Ann Arbor, MI, for your workers.

Providing Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the most common benefits that employees expect to have access to when they work full-time for a business. They need this policy to protect themselves and their families. They rely on this coverage to be available to them at a reasonable rate.

You can subsidize the policies of your employees by having your outside insurance contractor create coverage that you can afford to provide for your staff. The coverage can provide for basic and specialized health needs and also be accepted at most of the area’s healthcare providers.

Retirement accounts are another benefit to which your employees want access. They want to know that any money that they put away for retirement will accrue interest and also be safeguarded from losses. You can learn more about the reasons to partner with an outside insurer for your Employee Benefits Policy in Ann Arbor, MI, online. Contact Kemner Iott Benz at to get more details.

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