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3 Benefits of Living in Off-Campus Student Housing in Ole Miss

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The availability of student housing in Ole Miss is at an all-time high, but those vacancies won’t last long as more students start making plans to return for the new semester. That’s because fewer students prefer dorms when there’s the choice of living in an apartment. Here are a few reasons you should consider looking for off-campus housing instead of staying in a dorm.

More Space

A one-bedroom apartment will provide you much more space than you would have in your dorm. This is especially true if you choose to share a unit with another person. While living with a roommate in a dorm makes life cramped, you and your friend can choose a two-bedroom apartment that’s large and comfortable for you both.

Get Used to City Life

This can be your first experience in living independently, and that can teach you valuable life lessons for the future. You’ll learn how to budget your finances, perform your own household work, and manage your time. By the time the semester ends, you’ll be ready to consider making this type of living situation more permanent.

Enjoy More Privacy

When you choose student housing in Ole Miss, you’ll be able to live a more private life. You won’t have to share your bathroom, and you can live your schedule without having to worry about curfews. You’ll also be able to decide when you want to study, sleep, or eat your meals without having to worry about other students disturbing you.

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