Using Pest Control in Inverell To Remove Rodents From A Shed

by | Aug 11, 2023 | Pest Control Service

When a homeowner discovers mouse droppings inside of their garden shed, they will want to take the needed steps in removing these rodents from the area. There are several tasks that can be taken to keep mice away from an outdoor structure. In addition to calling a business that does pest control in Inverell, the owner of the shed can use these tips to keep mice from becoming a nuisance.

Make Sure The Shed Is Secure

If there are cracks in the siding of the garden shed, mice will be able to utilize them to get to the interior portion. It is a good idea to do an assessment of the siding to determine if caulk should be applied to aid in sealing the interior from being accessed. The door should have a lock in place, so it does not blow open in inclement weather conditions. If the shed has windows, gaps around the frames can also be blocked with caulk if necessary.

Add Deterrents Around The Shed

Placing decoys on top of or around the shed will help in keeping mice away from the building. Plastic birds of prey or rubber snakes can be positioned within view of the shed to scare rodents in Inverell from getting too close to the structure. It is a good idea to move these decoys to different positions every few days, so mice in the area do not get used to their presence.

Remove Attractions From The Shed Area

Make sure there are no easy to access water supply areas near the shed. Covering small pools, bird baths, and fountains will help in keeping mice from having a place to get water when they are thirsty. If there is any type of food product in the shed, move it to the interior of the home instead. It is also a good idea to move any wood piles to an area out of view of the shed.

When there is a need to contact a service that does pest control like Flick Pest Control finding one that has experience with mouse problems is a must.

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