Ways to Make Your Next Convention Booth A Highly Successful One

by | Sep 9, 2019 | Business

At Structure Exhibits, we pride ourselves on making the highest quality convention booth rentals and displays. During our many years in this industry, we have found that successful companies use key strategies when showcasing their wares and services. In this article, we will share with you some key points in making your next expo a success.

The advantages of setting up a display at an expo can far outweigh any other promotional or marketing activity if done correctly. There are more business arrangements formed and executed at these public expos than in most other venues combined. However, simply showing up to these events with a great looking display is not enough to guarantee success.

A few organizations appear to have the mystery formula for doing well at public expos. Their achievement is estimated by how much effort they place into their presentation after the display is set up. As far as the specific strategies put in place, we looked around for the most experienced industry experts and found three main points that they all tended to follow.

Set a Good First Impression

People typically make a conclusion about an individual in as little as a tenth of a second. Ensuring a great first impression is key to making and keeping long term business relationships. We see similar results when someone first introduces their brand. It takes just a single moment to size up a booth and its representative and most of the decision-making process of whether they will pursue business relations with them is already determined at that point.

Leverage Social Support

Seeing other individuals connecting with a brand makes the brand seem more legitimate in the eyes of onlookers. They in turn will feel the need to check out what the hype is about. Get your company’s representatives to pose as expo participants and gather around your stall. Talk to them as if they were interested potential business partners and clients. A brand is not what you say it is, it is the consensus of how others perceive it to be. As more people gather to listen to the conversation, there will invariably be a few that stay and express genuine interest.

Include Interactive Elements in Your Displays

Most brand displays are only visually appealing, but not all interact well with the viewer. Find ways to let the traffic that comes to your convention booth rentals become both tactically and visually immersed in your brand. Utilize touch screens and other interactive displays instead of depending on your representative to talk about the business. This not only generates interest, but also increase brand awareness and understanding. Be sure not to overdo it, though. Too many flashy displays can distract from your actual product or service.

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