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What Are Some of the Benefits of Pre-Employment Skills Testing?

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Finding the right people to fill open positions within the company takes time and effort. You can save a lot of resources by utilizing a program for pre-employment skills testing. Here are a few of the benefits that result from using this approach.

By conducting the testing early on, it’s possible to determine which applicants possess the basic skills needed for the job, or at least have skills that can be honed for the position. All candidates who successfully complete the testing have the opportunity to advance to a preliminary interview. Think of how this helps to keep the number of qualified applicants within reason.

Next, the testing can provide the opportunity to learn a great deal about the basic skills the applicant brings to the table. Following instructions to the letter indicates someone with an eye for detail. Completing the testing within the allotted time indicates the ability to be productive under pressure. Even little things like the way responses are worded can provide insight into how well the applicant would fit into the company’s culture.

Don’t overlook the fact that pre-employment skills testing can help build a reserve of applicants who can be considered for other positions. When one opens up and the test results indicate you already have several people who are a good fit, there’s no need to advertise the job. Contact those applicants and find out if they’re interested. If so, you can interview them and hopefully fill the position quickly.

Testing is a great way to make the hiring process easier for everyone involved. Try it the next time you need to hire someone to fill a position. It won’t take long to see the value.

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