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What to Expect after Your Orlando, FL, Employer Denies Disability Benefits

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Returning to work is difficult after your disability benefits claim is denied. Finding the motivation to do your job feels impossible, given your condition is what took you away from the job in the first place. However, you should speak with an

employment attorney in Orlando, FL, before making a final decision.

Although it feels like you have lost a fight with the insurance company, don’t go back before weighing all options and risks in doing so.

Working Could Worsen Your Condition

A denial may feel like a betrayal by your employer. In addition, resuming certain tasks could cause further physical injury. Suffering through the pain could also put your job at risk when your work performance diminishes.

Life after Disability Claim Denial

Deciding to return to work after your disability claim is denied is easier said than done. Consider the fact that going back could mean:

  • Appealing your claim could be negatively impacted

  • Overlooking disability policy clauses that could lead to benefit payments

  • Denying a claim does not dismiss your rights to certain accommodations

Going back to work may feel like your only choice for a source of income. However, contact an employment attorney in Orlando, FL, before making a final decision.

Be Prepared to Fight!

Being genuinely unwell and disabled is not a guarantee that the insurance company will give you a favorable response. Prepare for the inevitable of having your disability claim denied by having Charles R. Steinberg, P.A., an experienced employment attorney from Orlando, FL, by your side. Visit to schedule a free consultation.

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