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What You Should Look For in Your First Off Campus Rental Unit

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When you’re looking for off-campus housing near UGA, there are several things to consider. Some factors may be obvious, while you will have to make a special note to remember to check other features. Knowing what to look for will help you avoid moving into a unit that won’t provide you with the living experience you expect or desire.

Inquire About Special Policies

One way that off-campus housing varies from community to community is in the policies that apply on each property. For example, some communities strictly refuse all pets, while other properties are very liberal in allowing tenants to keep pets on the property. Some communities are considered sober living, while others do not restrict alcohol use or possession. Be sure to carefully review the terms before signing anything.

Inquire About Amenities

You should never assume any type of amenities are standard because each community will be different. If a fitness center is important to you, make sure you restrict your search to apartment communities that offer free access to fitness centers. Other amenities that you may find important include computer centers for residents, picnic areas, dog parks, and playgrounds.

Look For Signs of Inadequate Care

You will want to ensure you move into well-maintained off-campus housing near UGA. As you tour each community, pay attention to signs that the property manager is diligent in caring for the property. Be wary of damaged or malfunctioning exterior features, such as gates, lighting, and security cameras that are in poor condition. In the unit, watch for missing outlet plates, inoperable lights, and signs of water damage.

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