Who Can Benefit From Seeing A Chicago Cosmetic Dentist?

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Dental Care

Almost anyone can benefit from seeing a Chicago cosmetic dentist. When a person gets older, their teeth can change color and become stained. This is especially true for people who drink coffee and tea, and for people with deep-set stains within their teeth. While teeth whitening procedures are one solution to these problems, dental veneers are another approach suggested by many dentists. A veneer is a super-thin piece of material that is placed over a person’s tooth. They are usually only placed on the teeth that are visible when a person smiles. Veneers are also used to address gaps between teeth in some patients.

In the situations where veneers can be used instead of braces to address spaces between a person’s teeth, the veneers are made slightly larger than the surrounding teeth to cover gaps. A trained Chicago cosmetic dentist knows how to shape the veneers so that they appear natural when a person smiles or looks in the mirror. When a dentist discusses the use of veneers with patients, they often ask patients what they would like to improve in their teeth. If it is spaces, ingrained stains, or uneven teeth, veneers may be a good option.

Patients and dentists usually discuss the look the patients want to achieve. Teeth come in many shapes and sizes, so the veneers must match a person’s mouth. The shade of the veneers also matters so people need to let the dentist know if they want pearly-white teeth, or if they would rather have a more neutral color of white. The shade of the veneers must match the natural teeth in the mouth to avoid appearance issues. If the veneers are only placed on several of the front teeth, this is especially important. If the veneers are going on all of the visible teeth, however, there may be more options of shades and sizes available to the patient.

Veneers are usually made of ceramic material. They may be made off-site at a specialty lab the dentist works with, so it can take some time for the veneers to arrive at the office of the dentist. Even so, it may only take two or three appointments for a person to finalize the process of getting veneers. Once in place, it can a bit of practice for a person to adjust to the new shape and feel of their teeth, but this feeling may quickly dissipate with time. Veneers can drastically improve a person’s smile in a short amount of time, so if that is an option that sounds appealing to patients, they should not hesitate to speak with a Chicago cosmetic dentist.

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