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Why Having an Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification Is Important

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As the manufacturer of a medical device, people need to know that what you are selling is safe and can be used in a variety of situations. This is one of the reasons why having an electromagnetic compatibility certification is vitally important.

Increased Acceptance

By attaining this level of certification, you can be assured that it will be accepted no matter where you are marketing your product. The certification allows others to quickly enter their specific markets in a reasonably quick time versus the extremely-delayed schedule and likely denial that non-certification can bring.

Independent Demonstration

When an independent lab can verify that your device meets all of the certifications requirements have been meant, your product will be accepted with open arms. It is also a signal to doctors and others who are either prescribing or recommending your device that it will be safe to use in the environment the patient needs to be able to use it.

Compliance Assurance

When the certification is applied to the specified device, it assures the applicable government agencies that an independent lab has tested said device. It is usually the case that having a company test its own products in labs that they own is not as trusted as having an independent lab perform the electromagnetic compatibility certification.


For certain equipment, it is mandatory that the device or product carries this certification so that it can officially be shown that it does not interfere with any surrounding equipment that also relies on electromagnetic waves.

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