Why You May Want to Consult with an Experienced Surrogacy Lawyer in Chicago

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For many couples and single adults, surrogacy is their only option for having children outside of adoption. The surrogacy laws in every state within the United States of America differ with some considered surrogacy friendlier states than others.

Surrogacy in Illinois

In Illinois, surrogacy births are legal, but there are some strict rules and regulations that must be met. Here are some reasons why you may want to consult with a surrogacy lawyer in Chicago before pursuing this family growing opportunity.

At Least One of the Intended Parents Must Contribute Genetically

In order for surrogacy to be legal in Illinois, at least one of the intended parents must contribute genetic material for the birth. This means that either parent must donate their egg or sperm as a contribution to the gestation and birth process. This means that the child born will share DNA from at least one of their intended parents. There are other legal regulations for surrogate births as well that must be followed exactly.

Do the Intended Parents Have to Live in Illinois for a Surrogate Birth?

The intended parents do not need to be Illinois residents. However, the birth must occur within the boundaries of the State of Illinois for legal purposes. Other rules to be aware of include the surrogate must be an adult, have had at least one previous birth and must take and pass mental health testing beforehand.

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