Why You Need a Fire Extinguisher Inspection in Houston

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Fire extinguishers are a valuable component to protect your business from severe damage by keeping small fires under control until help arrives. It’s essential to take good care of your fire extinguishers, including routine fire extinguisher inspections in Houston. These inspections ensure you can rely on your fire extinguisher when needed.

Correct Functioning

The most critical reason to get a fire extinguisher inspection in Houston is to ensure it functions correctly. A fire extinguisher isn’t something you use often. However, when you need it, you want it to work well. By completing routine inspections, you can rest assured that your equipment will work when you need to keep a fire under control.

Recharge and Repairs

During a fire extinguisher inspection in Houston, your fire protection service can determine if your fire extinguisher needs recharging or repairs. Fire extinguishers should last for years, but eventually, the pressure inside may reduce, requiring a professional recharge to restore function. If the equipment is damaged, your fire protection service may complete repairs if possible. Otherwise, they will recommend a replacement.

Lower Operating Costs

If you have fire extinguishers listed to receive a discount on your property insurance, you will need routine fire extinguisher inspections in Houston to maintain your reduced rate. You must provide documentation assuring your insurance company that your equipment functions correctly. A fire protection service will give you the necessary documentation.

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