2 Effective Ways to Find Relief from Symptoms Associated with Bunions

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Podiatrist

Have you been experiencing an increase in pain in your feet, especially from standing all day at work? Do you suffer from a specific type of arthritis or medical condition that causes the bones of your foot to ache? Are you wondering what you can do about these types of symptoms to find relief? If so, then you may have early signs of having bunions on your feet. Here are two ways to help you find relief while searching for the top podiatrist in your area for treatment.

Stop Wearing This Type of Footwear

One way to help you find relief is to discontinue wearing tight and narrow shoes. Wearing this type of footwear contributes to this condition and can make your bunion feel worse. Instead, wear shoes that are comfortably wide enough to walk in.

A Soothing Foot Soak and Ice Packs

Another way to help you find relief is to soak your foot or feet in warm water with Epsom salt. This will help reduce inflammation which will help alleviate the pain. You may also use ice packs to further reduce swelling and inflammation.

Who You Should Visit Right Away?

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