Luxurious Student Living Right Next to the University of Texas

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Real Estate

Working towards a degree at a prestigious university is no easy task. With the ever-increasing demands of college homework, research, writing and testing, having a good quality of life away from campus can be both rejuvenating and conducive to your overall academic work and critical thinking process. When it comes to finding the ideal spot for University Of Texas housing, having a luxury residence very close to campus can feel like a different world in the best way, allowing you to occasionally step away from intense work and enjoy your down time in a more productive and healthy way – not to mention your summers when class is not in session. Thankfully, one such establishment does exist, is very reasonable in terms of the cost of living and is only a block away from the UT campus.

The units available range from studio to four-bedroom apartments or townhomes. All units feature an HDTV in the living room, free internet, water/sewage and trash disposal. Units also feature in-unit laundry, modern appliances and countertops, modern furniture, single bedrooms with solid-door locks and private bathrooms. Optional extras include grace parking, balconies and high-floor optional housing with floor-to-ceiling windows. Community amenities include a swimming pool, fitness center, grilling stations, an Internet cafe, lounges, private study areas and bike storage.

Ion Austin

If you are looking for University of Texas housing, or you are looking for more information for your family, please contact Ion Austin either by their website or by contacting them today.

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