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2 Types of Aluminum Plates You Should Consider for Your Countertop Project

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Have you just seen an online video that showed you how to fabricate your own aluminum countertop? Are you now inspired to tackle this project so you can use aluminum material for both the kitchen and your garage workshop? Are you wondering what type of aluminum plate you should use? If you answered yes, then here are two types of aluminum plates you should consider for your project.

2024 Aluminum Plate

This type of aluminum plate is known for its high strength-to-weight ratio and supreme fatigue resistant properties. It also has suitable weldability, workability, and machinability. 2024 aluminum plates are typically used by the aerospace industry and is a suitable type of aluminum plate you should consider for your workshop countertops.

6061 Aluminum Plate

The 6061 aluminum plate is the go-to material for general applications. It has optimal corrosion-resistant properties with good formability. The agriculture and electronics industries are some of the top sectors that utilize this type of aluminum plate. Since it is a general-purpose type of aluminum, this material may be suitable to use for your kitchen countertops.

Searching for a Trustworthy Company That Offers These Products

Perhaps you are now keyword searching where can I buy aluminum plates near me on your desktop or mobile device but are overwhelmed by the search results. When keyword searching where can I buy aluminum plates near me and choosing a trustworthy company from the search results, consider choosing a highly reputable and experienced company. This type of company will help you choose the best type of aluminum plate material to use for your particular application.

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