Fire Alarm Systems – Options for Fire Safety in Iowa

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Safety Equipment Supplies

Various types of emergencies can occur within the workplace – and the seriousness of these emergencies can differ depending on the particular working environment. One of the most dangerous emergencies that can take place in any setting is a fire emergency. It’s important for any workplace area, building, or facility to have an effective means fire detection.

Even though it is well-known that fires are highly dangerous and can threaten human life and property very quickly, some companies fall short in having proper fire defense measures in place. Employee safety should be a very important priority for businesses.

Protecting Lives

The fire alarm systems we provide at Getz Fire Equipment Company have the capability to detect very small fires at their initial development stage. With such a detection capability, individuals within a building are able to have more time to exit safely before the situation becomes too perilous.

Fire Alarm Technology

Not all fire detection alarm systems are equivalent. Each building or facility is different with its own plan and structure. As such, it’s important to have an intelligently planned and implemented fire alarm strategy that works efficiently for a particular structure.

One of the more popular choices is a unit called the SignFire detector. This unit is able to track smoke of a fire to its original source using camera technology within the detector. We also offer other fire detection products designed to save lives and property during fire emergencies.

A Valuable Investment

It is definitely a worthwhile investment to have proper fire alarm systems in place to mitigate the spread of dangerous conflagrations that can potentially cost human life as well as millions of dollars’ worth of damage.

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