3 Advantages of Anesthesia Billing Services

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Health & Medical

Medical practices that include anesthesia services are in high demand. High volumes of patients translate into high volumes of billing. It’s not a bad problem to have but some practices find there’s room for improvement here through adoption of anesthesia billing services.

Prompt Billing Services

The usage of anesthesia billing services can decrease the lag time between physician treatments and sending out billing statements. A quicker turnaround time between sending bills and receiving payment can result in more prompt responses from patients and can also facilitate dealing with past due accounts. It can also reduce the amount of staff time and the expense of handling some billing activities directly, providing additional indirect cost savings.

Greater Accuracy in Record-Keeping

Billing services can tie together many pieces of information for later analysis and overall process improvement. When healthcare practices adopt anesthesia billing services, they may have more comprehensive coordination of patient data, billing information, insurance claims and billing codes. Being able to use this information in aggregate for analysis and evaluation is an important factor in the financial management of the practice overall. Practices can take a look at fee schedules to ensure charges are appropriate and can also explore transitioning to fully electronic filing of patient insurance claims and posting of payments to expedite the process and minimize errors.

Streamlined Services to External and Internal Customers

While upgraded anesthesia billing services can lead to better record-keeping, this can lead to more accurate data. This means fewer errors where patients have to call the office for clarification, which is a hassle to them and a loss of staff time. Anesthesia billing services can also make it easier for office staff to answer patient questions because they have faster access to correct information, whether that’s the most up-to-date insurance payments or confirming payments received.

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