3 Helpful Tips for Long-Term Collector Car Storage in Chicago

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Classic and collectible cars are huge investments. Because of this, it’s probably likely that you’d want to keep them in the best condition that you possibly can. This means that you may have to store them away during the winter season to avoid wear and tear. If you take the plunge and invest in long-term collector car storage in Chicago, you can guarantee your cherished collection of cars will be looked after and protected for an affordable price. Here are three tips to consider before investing in car storage.

1. Take Care of the Car’s Battery and Fluids

If you’re planning on long-term storage, you should consider removing the vehicle’s battery altogether. If you notice that the terminal has become corroded, clean it carefully. Once that’s done, make sure you store the battery in an area with temperatures above freezing. If you’re going to be starting the car often, consider investing in a battery tender, as this will help keep it functioning over time.

2. Get the Vehicle Detailed

This step could seem unnecessary, but the cleaner your car is, the less likely it is that you’ll experience damage on the exterior paint. Even the interior should be clean to avoid pest and odor issues. Before you store your vehicle, clean it thoroughly and consider professional detailed and prep work as well.

3. Fill the Tank

Fill the tank with the best gasoline you have access to and add a fuel stabilizer if you can. The fuel stabilizer should be added per the manufacturer’s rules and instructions. Adding a stabilizer will prevent it from hardening up. Once that has been added, drive the vehicle around a little to give the fuel a chance to work its way through the car’s system. If you want to take it a step further, you should also change the oil and the oil filter to prevent rusting issues in the engine.

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