3 Situations That May Lead to Needing Dental Bridges and Crowns

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Dental Care

Dental bridges are a practical solution for replacing missing teeth. In many cases, the bridge is fixed, meaning that crowns are used on the teeth on each side of the gap to help stabilize the device. What sort of situations would make it necessary to consider receiving dental crowns and bridges in Phoenix Arizona? Here are three examples to consider.

Tooth Decay

When cavities are treated in time, it’s often possible to save the affected teeth. After years of neglect, the decay can spread to the point that the tooth cannot be salvaged. At that point, the only viable solution is to extract the tooth and consider some type of replacement. Many patients opt for a combination of dental crowns and bridges Phoenix Arizona to replace a single decayed tooth or possibly two or three teeth in a row if the decay has already spread to the surrounding teeth.

Slip and Fall Accident

When some type of severe blow to the mouth takes place, teeth can be loosened or dislodged completely. There’s only a short window of opportunity to get to a dentist and return those dislodged teeth to their sockets. If too much time passes, the teeth are lost permanently.

In the latter scenario, it’s possible to design a dental bridge that will fill the gap. Crowns can then be used to ensure the bridge remains in position. Once the work is done, it’s almost impossible for anyone to tell that there was ever any damage.

Gum Disease

Gum disease that is left unchecked can loosen teeth and eventually even lead to losing them. Even if the gum condition is successfully treated at that point, there is no option of saving those teeth. The only real option is to invest in some sort of dental prosthetic that will restore your smile. A combination of dental crowns and bridges Phoenix Arizona could be the right prosthetic for you.

Remember that your dentist will make recommendations based on the state of your dental health. If bridges and crowns are mentioned, ask any questions that you have about the process and the results. Once the work is done, you’ll understand why the dentist recommended this solution.

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