3 Things To Check Before Calling An AC Repair Service In Irvine

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Air Conditioning & Heating

There is nothing worse than coming home in the heat of the summer to a hothouse in Irvine. Unfortunately, air conditioners tend to fail when they are needed most, and the first thought on your mind may be to immediately call your AC repair service to get the cool air flowing again.

While the system may well need repair, there can be other issues that are causing the problem. Taking a few minutes and checking three simple factors may allow you to get the system up and running if there are no electrical or mechanical problems involved.

Check the Power

It is possible that electrical problems in the house and not in the air conditioner unit are the issue. It is also possible that some unusual surge or issue with the electric system may have caused a breaker to trip. In some situations, someone working in or around the unit may have turned it off or accidentally hit a switch that shut off power to the system.

Check to make sure the breaker is on, and there is power at the outlet. If you are not sure or if the breaker trips again, leave it off and call in the AC repair service. Do not keep flipping the breaker or switch on if it is shutting off, instead call the experts at Home Comfort USA.

Check the Thermostat or Smart Controls

Just as the power can accidentally be turned off, the thermostat can also be bumped or accidentally changed. This is can easily occur with smart thermostats or with zone control in Irvine homes when someone changes the settings incorrectly. A quick check of these issues can often unearth a setting that has been altered.

Check the Filter

If the system is running but there is very little air, and it is not cool, it may be a case of a dirty, clogged air filter. Before calling the AC repair service, check to see the filter has been cleaned or replaced. Do not run the AC system without a filter, turn it off and clean a reusable filter or replace a single use filter before restarting.

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