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3 Ways a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You in Kansas City

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If you are the victim of domestic abuse you might feel as though there is no hope for you. That’s not true at all. When you reach out to a domestic violence lawyer in Kansas City you’ll find that they can help you in many ways. They can help you find shelter for you and your children to ensure the abuse will stop. Additionally, they can provide several legal services that will help you resolve your situation permanently.

Obtain a Restraining Order

Depending on your situation you may be able to obtain a restraining order against your spouse. An attorney can help you file the application and prove that you have cause for seeking the temporary order. If your spouse violates the order they can go to jail.

Get a Divorce

Your lawyer can also help you get a divorce. This will cut the legal ties you have to your abusive partner, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your life. A divorce can be complicated under any circumstances, but it becomes especially challenging when there are allegations of domestic violence. Your lawyer can help you prove your case.

Remove Parental Rights

Typically, family court judges try to keep both parents involved in the child’s life as much as possible. However, your domestic violence lawyer in Kansas City can help you prove that your spouse’s violent behavior poses a threat to your children. In that case it may be possible to revoke your spouse’s parental rights and restrict them to supervised visits.

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