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How to Prepare Your Child For Their First Visit to a Dentist in Peoria

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Your child’s first visit to a children’s pediatric dentistry in Peoria, AZ, is going to be unnerving and overwhelming because your child won’t know what to expect. You can help prepare them for the visit by planning ahead. You can start by calling the dentist and ask for any specific suggestions they have for talking about the experience with your child. In general, you should keep discussions focused on the positive aspects of the office visit, and avoid any negativity.

Avoid Negative Words

You should plan out what you’re going to say when you tell your child about their dental exam. Avoid words that can make them feel fearful or anxious. It’s usually best to explain that the dentist is just going to check their smile and count their teeth. Avoid calling it an exam, and you shouldn’t talk about cavities or other dental problems. Leave those topics for the dentist.

Don’t Give Advanced Notice

You should avoid telling your child about the appointment too far in advance. Try to schedule the appointment while your child is in school. It’s best to wait until the day of the appointment to talk to them about the office visit. Too much advanced notice will give your child time to think about the checkup, and their imagination can go wild and give them time to anticipate the worst.

Give Off Positive Vibes

If you feel apprehensive or worried about the visit with your children’s pediatric dentistry in Peoria, AZ, your child will sense your anxiety. Avoid worrying about the exam in front of your child. Instead, try to feel excited about their first dental exam. If you seem excited or happy about it, your child will be less likely to fear the experience and will take after what your emotions are.

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